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Due to patient numbers and the time taken per consult for veterans (minimum 40 min appointments) we have currently reached a maximum number we can take on as patients. We will be soon transitioning to a set-week program on a referral basis which we will announce soon.  

Medical Services for Veterans

We currently provide two different services for veterans that we bulk-bill/DVA cover. 

- regular medical appointments for veterans

- DVA clinics 

ALL Veteran and DVA appointments must be booked through reception

Veteran medical appointments

These are no-gap appointments for veterans for specific medical issues as well as health checks and chronic disease planning and management.  


DVA Clinic

This is a specific service provided by VMG to help veterans with DVA claims and paperwork. 

We ask that you first bring your paperwork in to an advocate at Mates4Mates, Darwin for review before booking in with our admin team for the DVA clinic. 

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