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Mental Health Clinic

VMG is excited to partner with Jen Riches, the principle psychologist at NET Psychology, to provide a multidisciplinary team approach to mental health and psychological services. 

Traditionally, communication between a GP and psychologist is via letter. With this multidisciplinary approach, both your doctor and psychologist work together during the consult with you so all parties can progress in real time and have open communication. This means that discussions about medications, further services and future planning can be done together.

As your doctor is involved it is considered a GP consult.

Jen works with children as well as adults and currently does specialised appointments for adult ADHD assessments.

Senior Psychologist  

BHealthSciences (Psychiatry) Hons, 



Dip ProfPsych, 



Jen is passionate about helping families with mild – severe mental health issues. She sees children, young people and adults. Jen has an interest in complex trauma, neurodiversity and mood and personality disorders. She has found engaging in a multidisciplinary team at VMG Clinic can achieve better outcomes for clients and their families. 

In her clinical practice, Jen draws from a range of evidence-based interventions including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Lego-Based Therapy. Jen is also a Board Approved Supervisor and supports provisional psychologists on their path to attaining general registration. 

Originally from Adelaide, Jen has a background working at Headspace in the Youth Early Psychosis team, Lifeline and MATES in Construction. Jen has an 18-year-old cat called Henry and hopes to adopt a small dog soon. She enjoys regularly travelling to Bali and overseas; and keeping fit. 

Jen’s special interests including working with complex trauma and ADHD.

Jen Riches

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